Danny Carroll

I was privileged to compose the score for this 2015 documentary celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Cornish Library. These are excerpts from the soundtrack. You can view the whole film at MTS Video on Demand: Stories from Home.

 In 2013 I scored this 26 minute short film by Julian Mitchell. The story is about Leonard who carries a sand timer around, fearing if the sand ever runs out he will die.



I helped to score parts of "The Lost Dreams of Narcissus and Echo" by Hersh Seth. It was screened at the Gimli Film Festival 2011.



Manitoba Theatre Centre Homecoming. I composed some music to play along with the video presentation for the MTC 50th Anniversary Homecoming celebration.



Here is a montage of clips from various Corporate Videos that I have done.

This is a short NASA clip used in a scoring contest. Here is my entry.

The object was to use only ONE sound from a particular software
company, a choral sample. 2018

This is another contest, scoring done to a nature scene.

Again, using only ONE software sample set.

This time I took a real challenge and only used CLOCK sounds, adding effects and alterations.

 This is an audio demo/montage from various theatre shows that Danny has created the sound design.