Danny Carroll

                 Winnipeg Jewish Theatre (WJT)

This is a collage of music from Vern Thiessen's play "Lenin's Embalmers", a co-production of WJT in Winnipeg and HGJT in Toronto (played at the Al Green Theatre), 2010.


This is music composed for the final scene of "Death of a Salesman" (featuring Ron Lea) directed by Mariam Bernstein, 2009.


"Lebensraum" was performed at the Berney Theatre 2008.


This is music from WJT's one-man performance of "Via Delorosa" at the Berney Theatre, 2006.


              Winnipeg Fringe Festival

Music from the one-woman show (Tara Paterson) at the Fringe "Dying to Be Thin", 2006.