Danny Carroll

Manitoba Theatre for Young People


This track is excerpts from the Manitoba Theatre for Young People's production of "Jungle Book" which ran in December 2016. I composed the soundtrack, 2 songs, and SFX (many, many animals!!), and did the Sound Design for the theatre - 16 speakers on separate outputs from Qlab.


Here is a sampling of musical cues I created for Dennis Foon's 'New Canadian Kid' play which was directed by Heidi Malezdrewich at MTYP in 2015. It was a challenge to musically create the idea of a family from another land without specific reference to a different country/culture. I chose to use the words "I am from Homeland" (Homeland is the term Dennis Foon uses to identify new citizens of Canada who are from a different country) and morph it into rhythmic and percussive sounds that are used on every cue.


Here is a demo of cues I created for MTYP's 2014 touring production of Night Light. This was great fun to create 'monster music' !


This is a collage of themes composed for MTYP's 2014 production of Peter Pan (with Fred Penner as Captain Hook!)